Monday, 20 December 2010


One thing I hate is when I find myself facing a crossroads. It makes me confused about which road I should take. I'm always afraid of going in the wrong direction (as I have so many times before). That is what I am facing now.

This is not a new thing for me though, This particular crossroads always seems to pop up every once in a while. Especially when I get broody and one of the roads would make me more financially stable so that I could have a child in 10 years time.

My crossroad is always the tug of war I have inside me concerning becoming either a psychologist or working in a museum.

The problem is that it seems almost impossible to get a job in a museum (the field is very competitive). And the present state of the economy makes this ten times worse. The way things are going with the governmental cuts museums will just be run by volunteers!
I felt that becoming a psychologist would give me more security, then I would be able to buy a house and have a baby in 10 years time. I was hoping that with this option I would have a lot more money and would get to be a mum in the future.

This time I have to decide for good, one way or the other. I just hope that I make the right choice!

Do I go straight down the road of more money and security or turn towards the road on the right - the road of the job that I would be passionate about, maybe even travelling the world?


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